"The art of Giannis Koutsis analyzes the folds of history creating an inventive atmosphere, dominated by renaissance, which binds the enchantment of classic ancestry with a diffuse extension, against the Roman suggestiveness and the Byzantine diachronic."  Giannis Koutsis - A painter who connects life and death.  Passes through the dream and analyzes the temper of his soul.  Every painting is a pure crystal inspiration, every work is as simple as it is, it's a poem.  Travels through the heavens of creation and stirs up the unspoken passions and experiences, lost in the forgetfulness of time.


The artist keeps concealed in his work the gods and the qualms of his conscience, waiting in patience to reveal them through his paintings, bringing them out on their own.


His pictures are expressive and powerful.  They fountain from deep inside.  Sometimes they are optimistic and tender, but they could also be full of burst and anger, attracting everyone in a magic world, full of mystery and creation.  Relives and performs with heart and thrill, exposing all the folds and patterns that the creator uses to express himself.


His inspiration is spontaneous, needless of exterior impulses because the artist possesses a deep knowledge of life, which is expressed uncut without boundaries in his art.


Art is the soul of life, sometimes given in pain and sorrow, trying to expose the truth and horror of the world and sometimes to praise love and speak for what the world really is (creation).


Giannis Koutsis has managed in his paintings to present all aspects of life.  Even a simple portrait can very colorfully express the sorrow, the passion, or the darkness hidden inside a mind or the gentle and almost delicate existence of a soul, given with the competent and actually potent, almost perfect visual sight of the artist.


He opens the gate to a world that could terrorize some people, as easily as the very same world can thrill others.


Doubtless, they will all be traveling through roads where wishes, dreams and fears become the reality.  A trip that moves everyone and makes him discover the depth of his own soul.  Passing along the fog and the different personal, high and sheer mountains and the oceans filled with hate and fury that break the back of him.  The truth and the world he really wants to dream, the kingdom of his own personal great expectations, where everything he wanted, will be."


Giannis Zografakis


Art Critic


Moves in many levels with complete comfort between the oddity of pastel, tempera and the application of pencil, transfusing genuine messages with major structure, that bounce the oddity of a script similar to the light of every well thought unity.  Stimulating the depth of his soul, a thousand tracks of thought challenge the potentials of his visual range, often isolating the sensuality and meaning of every first spoken word.  He decodes her higher message and elevates her in transmitter and receiver of one present assiduity, which happened to affect with a quickening of his memory at that moment.


His colored and graphic sensitivity, begins with primal characters, moves on to deeper shades and ends up in personal evidence bathed in a rare magic light, that activates the vibrations and the relevant allusions with the entity of the essence of our existence.


With a mysterious and avocational intuition the impressionistic pictures and the perfect shaped statues make the evidence by pointing out the course from the full stability of his shape.  Pointing out the precise accuracy of his intentions, while the paintings radiate the loud and clear formations of levels.  Keeping the visual rules and invades in space-time.


The memorial symbolism themes strictly describe and give a universal perspective in values he serves in discipline, altering the substance into a valuable tool of art and experiential paintings.  The art of Giannis Koutsis verifies a supreme, eternal mastermind that solid contributes in the beat of a cosmogony established uniquely."


Leontios Petmetzas


Art Critic

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