Ioannis Psaroudakis moves easily from marble sculpting to constructing uncommon pieces of art.  He knows well all the substances that he uses (wood, stone, steel, clay, plaster etc.).
A common characteristic of his work is that everything is so harmoniously combined that a unique quality and elegance is obvious. His pieces of art are influenced by his culture. Front parts of buildings that show the beautiful architecture of old times. Colour seems to be very important in his work. The way he combines the cold with the warm colours highlights his work, making it vivid and giving it a kind of sensitiveness  that leads to the world of his own authentic inspiration.
His pieces of art are totally influenced by his personal experiences and old pictures  that he loved and kept alive in his memory. For this reason each one of his works is considered to be a part of himself.

Panagiotis Karabelas
Critic of Speech and Art


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