Eleftheria Georgaki


October 2001- September 2002: Master Museum Studies: Culture, Collections & Communications. University of Southampton. Winchester School of Art. In general museum & exhibition organisation and communication with audience. (see: a)


Semester 2:

1)      Research skills 2: skills for research and practice.

2)      Working in the heritage business

3)      Communicating with collections

4)      Attachment: Placement in a museum organisation.

5)      Option Unit

6)      Presentation of: a) Dissertation, b) The Archaeological area of Knossos in Crete & c) Byzantin Museum of Athens.

Semester 1:

1)      Research skills 1

2)      Meaning and matter of cultural materials

3)      Assessment and care of cultural materials.

4)      Communicating with collections

5)      Attachment.

6)      Presentation of: a) London Dungeon Museum, b) the subject: “Gathering Collections by whom? information or entertainment? & c) the history of my city “Megara”.

7)      Practice.

B) Dissertation: “Explaining Archaeological Sites & Exhibitions to People”. In my dissertation I analyse the archaeological exhibitions, their audience, the meaning of the interpretation and interaction in their place. The 7th chapter mainly refers to the Archaeological Area of Knossos in Crete, while through my information about Knossos and Fishbourne Roman Palace in England I suggest, how knossos could become more approachable, interactive and educational for young children. (see: n)


1)      Postcard Exhibition in Gosport Gallery for one month. Organisation of an exhibition, with subject the postcards & title “Wish You Were Here”. I worked on: a) exhibition organisation, b) making the postcard collection and their interpretation & c) preparing the educational interaction of the exhibition. (see: m)

2)      Placement in Winchester Museum Service for 5 months. I worked on: a) Digital Imaging Assistant, b) Making file of the museum’s objects, c) Valuation & Conservation File of Water Paintings, d) Workshops with young children in Archaeological exhibition, e) Workshops with young children with learning difficulties in the Gallery and in the museum, f) Educational workshop of printing art and the artist with young children, g) Setting up a multy exhibition in Guildhall Gallery.(see: f )

3)      Pietro Raffelio Collection File: a) Record of 50 fragments, b) photographing, c) package and d) storage.

2) November 1997: Diploma of Vocational Training. A diploma from the Ministry of National Education about my specialization. (see: b1 & b2)

3) October 1994-June 1996: P.I.V.T.Petra. Private Institute of Vocational Training of Petra. An institute certificate for my attendance there.


1995-1996: 1) Conservation theory

2) Practical conservation

3) Use of solid material microscope

4) Mechanical cleaning of objects

5) Chemical cleaning of objects

6) Pest control

7) Cleaning of textiles

8) Use of a luminous table

9) Restoration of destruction on objects

10) Colour competition

11) Storage of works of art

12) Exhibition of works of art

B) I was taught conservation on: Textile






C) Course: 1994-1995:

1)      English

2)      Art History

3)      Chemistry

4)      Environmental control

5)      Harmonious engraving of objects

6)      Photography

7)      Lineal plan

8)      Free plan

9)      Computer use

D) Assignments:

1)      A book referring to the Monasteries Of Meteora.

2)      Analysis and Comparison of Mona Lisa di Jocondo.

4) October 1993 - December 1993:
Lessons for computer use and I have obtained a Certificate as well. Computer Knowledge: a) MSOffice, b) MSWorks, c) Web, d) Scanner, e) Digital programs.

      Foreign Languages:  Since I have my MA in England I can speak English fluently.

Older degrees:

1)      a) IELTS

b) First Certificate in English, (see: d).

c) Palso

2)      Very good knowledge of French.


1)      December from 3 to 7 2006: International Meeting of the Special Interest Icons Group, in Athens, organised by ICOM, Hellenic National Committee & Benaki Museum. “Icons: Approaches to Research, Conservation and Ethical Issues. (see: e)


1)       September 2003 – December 2006: Educational Trainer of Painting Art. Teaching painting and plastic art to children and adults in the next city.

2)       April 2002 – June 2002: Organisation and setting up of the postcard exhibition at Gosport Gallery of South England. Title: “Wish You Were Here”.

3)       December 2001- March 2002: Winchester Museum Service (see: f):

·         Digital Imaging Assistant.

·         Setting up of a multy exhibition in Guildhall Gallery, from the students of the Hampshire’s School of Art.

·         Workshops with young children and learning difficulties in the Gallery on Prints Exhibition and in the Archaeological & Egyptian Exhibition at Winchester Museum.

·         Children workshops with learning difficulties at the Egyptian Exhibition at Winchester Museum.

4)       June 2002: Educational visit at Fisbourne Roman Palace and Garden in Chichester. Workshop with young children on the: a) work of an archaeologist, b) domestic everyday life of the Roman palace and the dressing up of that period and c) the technology and creation of Roman buildings.

5)       January 1999 – November 2007: Mosaic art. Making:

·         Byzantine Mosaic Icons.

·         Archaeological mosaics.

·         Modern mosaics.

6)       July 1997 – November 1998: Mosaic Decoration on the warble icon screen (iconostasis) in the Central Church of Holy Suckling Virgin Mary. (see: g1 & h1)

7)       September 1996 - May 2006: Private Laboratory working on conservation of: a) icons, b) textiles, c) paper, d) wood, e) vessels f)glass & g)leather.

8)       October 1996 - May 1997: Conservation of Coptic Textile Collection at Benaki Museum in Athens. (see: i)

9)       August 1996: Conservation and Restoration of Frescoes at the excavations of the Prehistorical town of Thira, Akrotiri, in Greece. (see: j1)


1)      OPEN LABORATORY OF PAINTING ART of the Holy Metropolis of Megara and Salamina “Polygnotos”. I was a member of the administrative committee of Polygnotos from 1998 until 2001. (see: k1 & L1)

2)      CHILDEN’S EXPERIMENTAL LABORATORY OF PLASTIC ART of the Holy Metropolis of Megara and Salamina “Emmanouil”. I was a member of the administrative committee of the Children’s Experimental Laboratory from 1995 until 2001.

In both laboratories my work there was voluntary.

3)      FOLK DANCER for 13 years:

a) November 1998: We have been to America at the International Festival of Mobile for 12 days.

2 days in Atlanta, Georgia

8 days in Mobile, Alabama

1 day in New Orleans, Louisiana.

b) June 1995- July 1995: We have been a cruise in Greek Islands, Cyprus and Israel for 10 days. We were dancing every night to entertain the passengers.

4)      I have been painting since 1994.

5)      I have been embroidering handicrafts since 12 years old.

6)      Classical ballet for 8 years, when I was a teenager.

7)      I have been abroad many times:

1.      Egypt 2005 & 2004

2.      Cyprus 1994.

3.      Israel 1994.

4.      Holland, Amsterdam, July 1991.

5.      Turkey, Konstantinoupoli, July 1990.

6.      America: Georgia and Alabama, 1998 

                                        New York, 1990.

7.      England many times since 1983.

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