Ioannis Psaroudakis


Ioannis Psaroudakis was born in a small village in Heraklion Crete, Gagales, in 1958. From an early age he has started to admire those craftsmen who gave life to primitive materials, transforming wood and stone into elaborate, traditional designs full of warmth and enthusiasm.
To attend high school he came to Heraklion a town that was being “destroyed” at that period of time. Not only the picturesque, traditional, small houses and old Ottoman buildings, but also the neoclassical mansions, each of them special cultural samples of historic past were being destroyed.
“Development” had come to bring a new trend in building, which would turn everything into cement, constructing multi-storey buildings. It seems that this cultural disaster influenced his young age. After finishing high school he leaves to study maths in Patras. At that period of time he starts to travel in the country and later abroad. He has been teaching maths as a private tutor since his studies came to an end.
His frequent trips abroad make him familiar with other cultures, enrich his mind and awake him. “What happens with his heritage?” With deep sorrow, he realizes that the place he was born to, loses its character and alters irrevocably especially in architecture, an architecture that has always thrilled him as a child.
His dealing with maths influences his art. His works , either traditional or modern show his desire for art, an art that is used sometimes as a confession , a search for balance or other times as a healer but always and forever as a bridge that helps him communicate with his audience.

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