Agios Dimitrios

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The icon construction has been done with the indirect technique. First, we draw the pre-design with basic lines on transparent paper. Then we place it on reverse side on a second paper or texture, and we copy it with carbon. Next we place the draw on a stable or woody surface and we cut the tiles on the size we want by the handy pincer. After that, we glue the right side of tiles on paper by the help of a tweezers and water-glue, and we build the whole mosaic. When it is dry we put mortar with a spatula by covering the joints. After mortar has been stabilized we place the mosaic icon into the woody frame and by reversing it to the right side we remove the paper. Finally, the mosaic icon has been fixed and secured in the wood with resin glue and has been well cleaned.
At the right bottom corner there is a small metallic plaque with the artist’s signature, and on the back side there is a small identity paper of the icon.
Χρυσές, ασημένιες και χρωματιστές ιταλικές ψηφίδες υαλόμαζας, κονίαμα, ξύλινο πλαίσιο, κόλλα ρητίνης, βερνίκι ξύλου
Smalti gold, silver and coloured Italian tiles, mortar, wood frame, resin glue, wood varnish

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