Charoula since she was a small child she was curious, from her nature and birth. Pieces of nature such as stone, wood, water and the reflection of light were exciting her imagination and she was constructing mentally her own painting forms. As the years passed, she started to work with the elements of nature and study them in depth.
Her studies in the field of psychology helped her externalize more easily all the records of images she had made and those images started to be reflected in pieces of nature that inspired her.
The flow for the creation of her own paths is carried through her paintings, always given in her own character, her own range of colors and with an admirable technique.
She manages to bind onto the cold stone unique figures, given appropriately in the space. She binds the cold element of stone with the warm colors that she uses. When someone sees her works in her solo exhibition easily understands the culture and educational level of the artist. All of her work has continuity while each painting form is unique, always inspired by the form of stone that she carefully chooses to give life.
Her writing is simple, austere and understandable. Each female figure gives the message of completion. All the forms carry a harmony they have in their look and symbolize purity, love and all the emotions that generate from the female gender. She has a way to transmit with her work the words “look at me” when the persons that someone observes get alive and thinks that are imprinted on a piece of nature that has gone through all its rages.

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