Panteleimon Souranis

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Phone number of the artist: +30 6973 229009

Panteleimon Souranis was born in Tinos,and studied at the School of Fine Arts Panormos Tinos in 1992.  Awarded by the first year's performance in marble and started to work from the second year already.
Since 1997 he has worked at some of the finest sculpture studios in Athens, some of them as curators, as well as in the restoration work of the temple of Asklepios on the south slope of the Acropolis, where he works to this day.

He has participated in two group exhibitions with the art team “ευ ζην – nice life”, one of which took place at the Cultural Center of the Embassy of Egypt where he received praise. He has also presented his work in a solo exhibition in his hometown, also at the Astir Palace bazaar and at the «Janus, art exhibition and bookstore café », after the kind invitation of the composer Stefanos Logothetis,  in a concert dedicated to the poetry of Dionysios Solomos.

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