Panagiotis Messinis
Panagiotis Messinis was born in Patras in 1949. From a very young age, he started taking painting and music lessons. From 1968 – 1970 he took painting and art preservation lessons at Mauroidi and Papatheodorou atelier. In 1973 he left for the United States (U.S.) where he took courses in preserving works of art. During his stay he traveled to many cities throughout the U.S. and Canada where he managed to take part in numerous exhibitions and decorated hotels and secular centers. Mr. Messinis returned to Greece in 1976 where he took over his two family galleries in Athens and Patras. At the same time he opened his first gallery in Heraklion, Crete, which was named “Art Salon.” In 1977 he created a preservation lab for arts and a second gallery named “Zygos” in Heraklion, Crete at Zografou 13.

In 1990 he also opened the gallery “Desmos” in Heraklion. Since 1977 when he relocated to Crete he decorated numerous conference halls and hotels. He was tasked with decorating and composing the Elevtherios Venizelos Museum located at Agios Georgios (Saint George) in Lasithi, as well as the Art Gallery of the Folklore Museum. Using his experience and knowledge gained throughout out the years, he has been in charge of doing preservations, valuations and auctions for valuable works of arts on behalf of public organizations and famous art collectors. is the first complete portal for illustrating and selling works of art on the Internet. It is a cyber portal with worldwide affect, bringing in hundreds of thousands of users on a daily bases. It also gives talented artists that live and work in Greece the chance to promote, at a very small cost, their work not only in Greece but internationally as well. began in 1999, and today it has managed to become one of the largest web portals for works of art in the world. The whole concept of this web portal belongs to Mr. Panagiotis Messinis, and its development, support and improvement is provided by a very experienced team which is listed below:

Αrt conservator - Appraiser art: Panagiotis Messinis
Site Administrators: Antigoni Plataki

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WebDeveloper: Giorgos Kandylakis
Graphics Designer - Artistic assiduity: Antigoni Plataki
Translations: Evi Almpantaki
Art Historians – Texts Editors: Dimitra Sarri, Giannis Zografakis
External Consultant: Konstantinos Aggelidakis
Sales manager: Christos Messinis


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