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Angela Kasalia

Angela Kasalia

My name is Angela Kasalia and i was born and raised in Athens.
My need to express my feelings, my emotions and my imagination drove me to start photography. I like to explore and  to experiment through my pictures and that's why many of the times the subject in my pictures is myself. I'm a self taught but i have taken many photography courses and i have worked with professional photographers on the field. However i'm trying to keep my own style and to make pictures that speak to heart and soul. I have taken part in many  collective exhibitions all over Greece. I have also had personal exhibitions in Syros, in Mykonos - Cyclades islands and in Athens.

Many of my pictures have been published in photographic magazines and news papers, and some of my pictures had been published as the best pictures of the month, or of the week etc.
Contrasted Gallery ( a gallery on the net) has made a dedication to my artwork, with a collection of my choice.
An American magazine ‘’mystery tribune’’ in May 2017 published pictures of one of my projects called ‘’my spooky project’’ with a short biography and a small story about my project.
I have certicificates from PSA, FIAP, IMAGE SANS FRONTIERE and UNITED PHOTOGRAPHERS IINTERNATIONAL, that I have received after my participations to worldwide photographic contests. At my last participation in Magnum photography awards - Lens Culture, my pictures were selected by the editors for the on line gallery of Lens Culture.