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Eirini Kini

Eirini Kini

Born on 10-08-1980 in Thessaloniki. She lives and has her workshop in the municipality of Oreokastro, prefecture of Thessaloniki, in Liti. After high school he studied at a school of painting while studying comics and drawing with a computer.
She worked as a designer for bridal and jewelery at the family company "DIOGENIS" - KINIS. From a very young age she showed her talent for the visual arts. She has taken part in many school exhibitions in primary and high school.

She has released an album with her works titled "My little ... course".  In the introduction of her album the artist Irini Kini writes

"I do not want to tire the Readers and Scholars of my first work with unnecessary words, but it is known to all that a picture is worth a thousand words. But a little introduction I think is necessary.
My works are separated
a) In projects of my childhood.
b) In works of my teenage age.
c) In works of my post-teenage.

The separation of my works is not clear and therefore may be complementary and interfered. My project I believe will bring the little one close to the big one in whatever meaning you consider it.

I dedicate it to my beloved parents who, with patience and perseverance, have been enticing my efforts and have been guardians of my works since my early years. "

Irene Kini was born in Thessaloniki. From a very young age she showed her talent in painting. She has taken part in many school exhibitions and by completing her lyceums she studied at a school of painting.

She never ceased to engage intensively with the art of painting, drawing and color. Each form is separate. It renders it in a particularly emotional and personal way, where the psyche of the creator is transferred to the canvas.

Her color range spontaneously translates into a cool-warm play that alternates many times. The design does not play a leading role in its compositions but for artist Irene Kinin, an important role plays the perfect result of the total image she wants to give her viewer always based on color. It occupies a wide range of themes such as landscapes, islandic views, still life with flowers, still life with fruits, figures, animals and much more, offers a remarkable thematic effect to every observer of her work.

By studying her works and observing I see the immobility of a branch that fills soul and movement through color contrasts. Many times we observe excessive color intensity at the expense of the description in the representation of the subjects, giving them perpetual substance. An image was left, the last of that bare-hearted embrace full of lamentations unleashed the abyss of the creator Eirini Kini. Memories, emotions. Ahh! A scream was heard that odd day. Like it was telling me write about me. I was also close to her as an observer writing about her watching her works.

The spontaneity in each composition stems from the mood at the moment of creation. The painter Irene Kini has much to do in the field of visual arts. And I can see this with the very love that surrounds her art.

Her works are in private collections in Greece and abroad.

Panagiotis Messinis - Art Appraiser

The artist, Irene Kini, is inspired by the simplicity and innocent beauty of a space that renders it to the canvas with a technique that emits directly. She gives breath and strength in her work by mixing the real with the ideal.

Her love for painting establishes her every day in the field of art.

She is an artist who works in a unique way in color. Each work has its own substance and, as a distinctive part of a whole, asserts its autonomy, dominating its influence.

With a rich emotional world she draws works that stand out. Because apart from her talent, tha can be seen from the first moment, her works embrace emotion and sincerity. Characteristics that create the artist's personal style.

Her landscapes have a primary meaning in her paintings where they identify to the mind and immaterial substance of things. Works of art with rhythm approach reality with a realistic dimension. The complexity of her themes gives her even more breath and strength in the visual arts field.

In her creations, noble human relationships exist, reflecting her personality and her experiences. The structure of each project chalenges the imagination of the viewer who enters into a process to interpret and consolidate the meaning of each artwork. Virtual representations that approach you.

The painter's writing with the thousands of tones and semitones brings to you a musical texture that escapes from the established performance of the visual composition where it evolves into harmony.

From the personal point of view of the painter, we are given the opportunity to understand and ponder the space-time that surrounds us. Thus, through her creations, we can perceive a part of our own world.

Her works can be found in private collections in Greece and abroad.

Panagiotis Karabelas - Art Critic