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Takis Moraitis

Takis Moraitis

Takis Moraitis hails from Cephalonia and Milos, but lives and works in Piraeus since 1969.  He showed great interest and an inclination towards painting during his high school years and thus continued his artistic training in Greece.  He rounded out his dynamic talent in the great art schools of Rome and Paris where he studied the passion of the modern and classical styles of painting.  His studies at those schools created opportunities for him to get closer to his contemporary art students, colleagues, and friends.  His talents were quickly recognized by such famous art figures as Giorgos Kouzounis, Spiros Vasiliou and Giannis Tsarouchis, who, with their training and personal coaching, helped the budding painter develop his own individual skills with colors and lines.

The Ionian Islands and Cyclades form much of his landscape subjects, where he pays special attention to the pure blue of the Mediterranean sky, the bright sunlight and the white buildings.

His is a distinctive style, color, and light fusing in a dramatic evocation of these romantic settings.
Takis Moraitis has held exhibitions in many parts of the world taking the true to life deep dark blue of the sky and the sun drenched seas of his homeland to Canada (Quebec & Ottawa), the United States (New York, Washington, Philadelphia, San Francisco & Los Angeles), Great Britain (London, Edinborough, Brighton & Kent), Italy (Rome & Milan), Switzerland (Geneva), Belgium, Monaco, Romania, Cyprus and even to Saudi Arabia and Bahrain – each with great success.

With personal exhibitions in many parts of Greece, his paintings created great interest and his work was honored by being sought after for many important private collections.  His works decorate palaces in Saudi Arabia and Bahrain, the Presidential residence in Cyprus, the Cypriot State Art Gallery and the town halls of Piraeus, Crete, and Syros.
Throughout his career a number of awards have come his way, including those from the Art Academy of Lyon and the International Academy of Dioskouri, Italy.

Today you will find Moraitis busy re-building an old house on Adrianou Street in the Plaka area of Athens, creating a special art where he plans to host lovers of the art world and teach youngsters with a shared interest in the painting of Greek landscapes.