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Amantia Rrokaj

Amantia Rrokaj

The artist Amantia Rrokaj was born in 1980 in Athens where she lives and works.

In public, she puts the signature of her art (Amy_fine_arts), with which she presents her paintings and creations. Her guiding light, the Mexican painter  Frida  Kahlo, reflects today's woman, who, although she does not believe in reincarnation, with a yearning desire becomes acquainted with the reincarnation of art and talent. Today she paints complex landscapes and figures with recyclable materials and has many dreams for the future. Each of her creations is a piece of soul, which she offers when her physical pain in unbearable. 

Art gives her hope to continue with courage and leave aside the despair that lurks. Her works and imagination, through her bright eyes, give light, courage and positive energy for life.

Her artworks can be found in Greece and abroad. She has participated in group exhibitions.