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Georgios Tornesakis

Georgios Tornesakis

Giorgos Tornesakis lives and works in Iraklion, Crete. He has been a professional icon painter for the last twenty-five years.
In Crete, he is considered one of the greatest contemporary icon painters, for portable icons, and is a follower of the Cretan School.

Tornesakis follows the Byzantine style but in the continuation, he is wining over the art’s secret, and is creating from his dreams' world, the holy figures, which he believed in adored. The artist distinguishes a revolutionary restitution of his subject and is not missing the soft ecclesiastical note.

Color and excellent designer, is giving movement and expression, ecclesiastical with pious feelings, fear which is faithfully keeping the traditional orthodox hagiography

The art and technique of Giorgos Tornesakis emits that the light which creates immediately the absolute, peace of mind and which causes the soul’s exaltation, which is especially necessary during Holy Week. This exactly good we, is guided by Tornesakis' style through the irreproachable draft and his personal experience, the mixing of pure Byzantine color. The expressiveness and the movement of each figure and aspect magnetize you and makes you want to examine carefully and adoring-in proof of respect to holy light at first-that high art, which originally and through the centuries is breaking through our smallness, showing forth the Nation’s greatness and our unity. I always thank Giorgos Tornesakis for his offer to our country and especially for his contemporary perspicacity, the pure artist stays faithful to our traditional value, and uses them.

Mr. Azarias Madanian (assistant professor in Aesthetic Education at the University of Crete)