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Fani Parlapani

Fani Parlapani was born in Nea Artaki of Evia. Since her childhood she discovers her inherent tendency in painting and then she arrives in Athens where she attends workshops by G. Gouzounis and A. Vakirtzis.

During her studies she participates in collective exhibitions, while at the same time she delivers painting lessons to beginner students as an assistant to A. Vakirtzi. She has conducted fifteen solo exhibitions and has taken part in many group events in Greece and abroad. The Mass Media and the daily press have repeatedly dealt with her art.

The personal technique of the spatula she uses gives unique paint forms with abstraction tendencies, and the color plays between the volumes, giving a more general pastel balance in her works.

The painter Fani Parlapani reveals in a powerful way in her compositions, an outstanding ability in painting creations, with a completely personal style, her own color gamut, and a synthetic ability capable of communicating with any viewer. She is one of the artists who put their talent in the service of Art.

Her themes are inspired by the inexhaustible source of nature, while attempting to puzzle and become objects of observation.

Simple colors, sensitivity, ethical mood and happy tone dominate her works. Her works decorate many public and private collections.