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Kiki Vathipetrou

Kiki Vathipetrou

Kiki Vathypetrou, a well known artist in the music field, is a piano professor at the Hellenic Conservatory of Herakleion.

Another hidden love she always had was painting. For many years she has been painting using various materials such as oils, watercolors and tempers. Her talent was quickly recognized by artists such as Migadi, Parmakeli, Fanouraki and others, who gave her the courage to continue her effort.

Her painting themes are full of light from the Cretan landscape, while the details and colors of the wildflowers are depicted by her painting with unique expressiveness.

Most of the current work is landscapes. The openness to the countryside, the wide landscape full of light, the music of the colors, the wet element, the sea, the nature around playful, the fluctuations of the green, the trees with the dense foliage, the hood on the around oblique. The humble wildflowers of the field with the favorite "astivades" the "erontas" ...

Lazaros Oustambasidis

Kiki does not paint to make money. She first satisfies herself, and creates artworks from what she admires in nature, in the mountains, the plain.

Kostas Petropoulos, Writer