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Thanasis Zachariou

Thanasis Zachariou

Thanasis Zachariou was born in Athens at 1965. At the age of 9 he first met with painter V. Germenis who, after having seen his works, he urged him to continue painting.

At the age of 15 he studied unter the painter D. Xytiris who tought him most of the secrets of painting while at the same time he had scetch lessons from Vlachopoulos and Vogiatzis. Afterwards he had 2 year studies at the German school og graphic arts at Plaka.

He has presented 3 personal exhibitions and meny group ones. H currently lives at Vari where his workshop is located as well.

While still young, Thanasis Zachariou presents during his 8 year proffesional career the same impresionistic path, inspired from a bright light and natural color that is strongly reflected in all his works. That Greek light invades all his creations unimpeded giving sheen and brilliance.

There is a paint composition of realism and plasticity. Undeniably he is a talent with a prized offering untill now at the quality panting world.

Perseus Athinaios - Critic/Journalist