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Botis Thalassinos

Botis Thalassinos


Botis Thalassinos (1926 - 2017) was born and raised at Heraklion Crete in 1926. He started fron his very early age to learn agiography, pottery and painting.

At 1956 he moved to Brasil where he studied painting at Associacao Paulista De Belas Artes for five and a half years. Afterwards he moved to USA where he lived and worked for 42 years.

He is honoured wth 135 international awards for his work. Municipality of Malevizi founded an art gallery to honour him where more than 400 of his artworks that he giftet to the gallery are displayed.

He has participated to many excibitions in Greece and abroad.


Thalassinos will one day be comparable to his compatriot El Greco!

Salvador Dalí

In every painting of the Cretan artist, each line of his coloring is of a revolutionary form, of new trends and is distinguished for its power, splendor and compositional fullness.

The expressional power of his artworks and their distinctive subtlety makew his an excelent handler of character and distinguish him as a pastel master.... 

Yiorgos Panagiotakis, Writer - Historian