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Hariklia Kosmadaki-Zografaki

Chariklia Kosmadaki - Zografakis was born in Athens and comes from Heraklion, Crete, where she lives and works for long periods of time. She is a painter who, with her talent, has managed to portray on the canvas the images she retains with her thoughts.

With excellent mastery he plays with light and shadow and combining these two elements manages and yields a pure realistic result that is not closed in formal forms but proceeds by giving to this visual work a different dimension. Illustrating her forms, with great precision but without adding excessive and unnecessary elements, she creates a sense of freedom and liveliness in her paintings.

In the same way, they manage and match the colors they use diffused into one another and make the paintings have a momentum and a passion that makes the viewer become part of them and not just an estranged receiver.

Art by its nature enables each artist to express his thoughts, sometimes by simplifying the shapes or by subtracting them from their works, and sometimes expressing their thoughts through images and color. Chariklia Zografaki chose to express herself through the image and the color, thus acquiring a different visual style and, by separating her position, she managed to acquire her personal style that will definitely make sense.

Her presence in the visual arts field is important and unique, she has exhibited in many cities in Greece and abroad.

Her work is in private collections and well-known galleries in Greece, the USA, France and elsewhere.