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Original Paintings of Contemporary Greek Artists

Saint John

Evaggelos Tzavaras

350.00 €
(VAT not included)
Mixed Technique
26 x 38 cm
1.00 kg

Powder colors mixed with egg and gold leaves on old wood

Comment of the artist

In a trip of mine in a Greek mountain village called “Koutsi” there was a very old abandoned house. Immediately when I saw this house I was impressed by the very thick shutter hanging out of the window. So I took this really old shutter and I cut it in two similar pieces. I burn it to the fireplace in order all the insects to be removed. Then I prepared these 2 pieces according to the traditional byzantine technique and I painted 2 icons. (Saint Irini and Saint Ioannis). Also due to the technique and the old wood the icons seem to be very old. The broken points of the wood complete this image.